Well Water Treatments

At Glaser Water services not only can we update your well system, replace that worn out water pump, or install a pressure tank, we also provide well water treatments.

We offer Well Chlorination as well as UV light treatment systems.

Well Chlorination disinfects your well by destroying unhealthy bacteria and microorganisms and removing dissolved iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide. It can be managed easily at home with common household bleach. Shock chlorination uses concentrations of chlorine that are 100 to 400 times the amount found in municipal water supplies. The highly chlorinated water is held in the pipes of your well system for 12 to 24 hours before it is flushed out and the system is ready again for use.

Using ultraviolet (UV) light for drinking water disinfection dates back to 1916 in the U.S. Over the years, UV costs have declined as researchers develop and use new UV methods to disinfect water and wastewater. Currently, several states have developed regulations that allow systems to disinfect their drinking water supplies with UV light. Running a UV light system requires a basic level of operator skill and relatively clean source water. On the down side, however, UV offers no residual disinfection within the distribution system.

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