Well Pressure Tanks

Since wells hardly ever have positive pressure, equipment is necessary to draw the water up from the well. Well systems usually consist of the well itself, a pump, a pressure switch to automatically start the pump and a pressure tank. The water pump sends the water from the well to the pressure tank for temporary storage. The water in the pressure tank is then stored until it is needed in the home.

Well Pressure Tanks | Glaser Water ServicesIn the pressure tank, compressed air bears down on the water in the tank. When a faucet, is turned on in the house, the water in the tank is forced out by the compressed air and through the plumbing and out of the faucet. The water pump will not switch on until the pressure switch attached to the tank detects that the pressure has dropped to the point where more water is needed in the tank. When the switch is activated, the pump will turn on  and replenish the pressure tank with water. Once the tank is full again, the switch will then turn the pump off.


Benefits of Having a Pressure Tank

A pressure tank provides instant access to the well water without having to manually turn on the pump. A pressure tank and switch combination will allow the well pump to turn on automatically, running only when its needed. This also reduces the amount of time the pump is operating, thus prolonging the life of the pump.